Left Brain CD Release Party @ Launchpad 032710

We showed up at Launchpad at around 9pm to check out the Left Brain CD Release party. There were several bands on the bill but Left Brain was what we came to see. They have been working on their new album “Solipsism” for a while now and I’ve been looking forward to it.

The band took the stage amidst strange dissonant guitar and bass riffs put forward by guittarist John Allen and bassist Mike “Dr. Thunda” Clifford. Noticable right away is that since their last album the band has ditched their lead singer and added a new drummer. Both changes are a positive thing for the band because it has obviously allowed them to delve balls deep into experimental, instrumental prog metal without any distractions. Their new drummer was tearing it up, and this three piece was on fire.

The depth of sound that came from the band was outstanding. Of particular notice was the odd and changing time signatures, key modulation, and the outstanding style and technique of bassist Dr. Thunda. Overall this was an excellent show and I would recommend you check these guys out if you are in to prog metal.

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